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    Tashraal -- LF 10 man



    Tashraal -- LF 10 man

    Post  Coreus on Thu May 06, 2010 1:25 pm

    Hi, my name is Tashraal, I'm an Aussie enhancement shaman and I raid with the Drunken Badgers' Whiskey raid.

    I thought this might be the best place to ask if any of you guys could use an melee shaman for any regular 10-man Heroic Icecrown raid. I'm happy raiding with Whiskey for 25-man, but I haven't had a chance to do 10-man since our regular group dissolved.

    I'm willing to accept sub status if it means I have a chance to get in. 10-man is probably my favourite part of the game and I miss it very much.

    - Character Name -- Tashraal
    - Have Ventrilo -- Yes
    - Can make the raid times -- Aussie evenings and weekends.
    - Likeable personality -- I think so =)
    - Prepared to work outside raid times to improve your character and obtain consumables -- Yes
    - List any raid experience you have -- I've done all of Icecrown, but haven't had a chance to try any hard modes yet.
    - Ability to take criticism, instruction and advice. -- Totally, but nobody is more critical on my performance than myself.
    - Sense of humour -- Big yes
    - Ability to name up to 101 species of fish whilst under the influence -- I haven't actually tried yet, but I can only assume that I can.
    - Common sense -- Hah. Yes.
    - Considerate of others -- Very much so.
    - Willingness to fit into the vision of the raid and raid leadership -- I respect any leader who's willing to put the effort into organising this stuff, and I'm your willing servant. =)
    - Willingness to work towards improving yourself clear cut benchmarks for your role -- Always.
    - Stamina to raid like you want to be there, even if outcomes are not favorable on a given night (wiping for a whole night on 3 drakes Sartharion may happen, can you deal with it?) -- It happens. I'm no quitter.
    - Ability to play the class you bring to the raid (yes dps warriors its your job to keep a 5 stack of sunder on the boss at all times if there is no prot warrior, same goes for rogues with expose armor if there are no warriors) -- I play a shaman. Sometimes I even do damage in addition to bringing raid buffs. Wink

    Character info:
    WoW Heroes profile

    WoL Festergut from Whiskey last weekend

    I'm not sure if those URLs will work. They don't seem to show up in the preview.

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