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    Application to kaiZen: Veloxnex



    Application to kaiZen: Veloxnex

    Post  VeloxNex on Fri Feb 12, 2010 9:52 am

    - Character Name: Veloxnex
    - Have Ventrilo: yes
    - Can make the raid times: yes
    - Likeable personality: maybe, no one hates me so I take that to be a good sign
    - Prepared to work outside raid times to improve your character and obtain consumeables: yes
    - List any raid experience you have: Ony 10/25, ToC 10/25, ICC 10/25 (but only through Saurfang), and a few random bosses from earlier raids due to weeklies
    - Ability to take criticism, instruction and advice(if i tell you that 1200 dps as a hunter is not good enough and you need to improve what will your response be?)(if your told to avoid fires, can you in fact avoid them?): yes
    - Sense of humour: yep
    - Ability to name up to 101 species of fish whilst under the influence: scientific names, or can I cheat and use local names
    - Common sense: Umm, so long as we are only talking about in WoW
    - Considerate of others: yes
    - Willingness to fit into the vision of the raid and raid leadership: yes
    - Willingness to work towards improving yourself clear cut benchmarks for your role: yes
    - Stamina to raid like you want to be there, even if outcomes are not favorable on a given night (wiping for a whole night on 3 drakes Sartharion may happen, can you deal with it?): compared to random pugs, it can't be much worse, and if so, at least there would be comradery in the suffering
    - Ability to play the class you bring to the raid (yes dps warriors its your job to keep a 5 stack of sunder on the boss at all times if there is no prot warrior, same goes for rogues with expose armor if there are no warriors): I think I do pretty well, I get asked for class advice fairly often in the few pugs I've been able to wander into.

    Extra stuff:
    While I may be a DK, this is in no way an alt. This is my one and only 80 so I put forth all my effort into it.
    Although I'm an American, I work from 2 PM server until 11 PM server, and usually stay up until at least 5-6 PM server, which should put me well inline to make most all raids.

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    Re: Application to kaiZen: Veloxnex

    Post  Squirrel on Mon Feb 15, 2010 4:45 am

    Your application has been received and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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