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    Current recruitment req's (Read here before posting)


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    Current recruitment req's (Read here before posting)

    Post  Tulathros on Fri Dec 12, 2008 9:04 am

    We are currently recruiting the following classes on both a sub and main raider status basis:

    Anyone skilled / experienced

    Raid times are 1am server Wed/Thur.

    Please copy and paste the below list with your answers

    - Character Name
    - Have Ventrilo
    - Can make the raid times
    - Likeable personality
    - Prepared to work outside raid times to improve your character and obtain consumeables
    - List any raid experience you have
    - Ability to take criticism, instruction and advice(if i tell you that 1200 dps as a hunter is not good enough and you need to improve what will your response be?)(if your told to avoid fires, can you in fact avoid them?)
    - Sense of humour
    - Ability to name up to 101 species of fish whilst under the influence
    - Common sense
    - Considerate of others
    - Willingness to fit into the vision of the raid and raid leadership
    - Willingness to work towards improving yourself clear cut benchmarks for your role
    - Stamina to raid like you want to be there, even if outcomes are not favorable on a given night (wiping for a whole night on 3 drakes Sartharion may happen, can you deal with it?)
    - Ability to play the class you bring to the raid (yes dps warriors its your job to keep a 5 stack of sunder on the boss at all times if there is no prot warrior, same goes for rogues with expose armor if there are no warriors)

    Members will be reviewed on a performance basis. This raid will not work if raiders think they can play poorly and its ok. Warcraft is an incredibly simple game, the hardest part about raiding from a single raiders perspective is can you physically sit in an uncomfortable chair, staring at a screen until your eyes blur and listen to an annoying monotonal drone until your ears bleed and pick out the important points while pressing the '2' key precisely every global or ability cooldown as required.

    If you cant, I dont blame you, but play something else. Warcraft can not be fun for you.

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    Re: Current recruitment req's (Read here before posting)

    Post  Darkheart on Thu May 28, 2009 4:03 pm

    Please create a new thread within the recruitment thread if you are a new applicant, makes it easier to see and respond to.

    Going to lock this for now Smile

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